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Update on our Geothermal Home and Studio

After one and a half years, our new eco-friendly home is still boarded up and awaiting approval
from the City of Edmonton.

As you know, the original design and building permit received official approval from the proper
civic authorities prior to the commencement of construction in 2007.

Once the exterior was complete however, the City issued a "stop work order" claiming the structure was "over code."

Our first application for a new building permit was rejected. The good news is that a related
side-yard issue has been resolved.

We have redesigned the building plans to accommodate concerns of both the City of Edmonton
and various neighbours.

Rose and I will soon be appearing before the Subdivision and Development Appeals Board (SDAB), seeking their approval.

I have promised to keep my friends and neighbours apprised of this meeting and am seeking your support.

Please join us in sending letters of approval to the following address:

The Secretary, Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
3rd floor, City Hall
# 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, ABĀ  T5J 2R7

You can also email your letter or comments to

( quote project # 85080749-003 )

Also, you are invited to appear with us at the upcoming SDAB hearing:

  • Time: 4 PM
  • Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009
  • Place: River Valley Room; Main Floor, Edmonton City Hall
  • Enter: Southeast doors on 99 Street

You may recall our first appeal was rejected primarily due to the concerns of the nearby housing co-operative. Since then, this same cooperative has constructed a three-story apartment complex 60 meters from my present home.

Another neighbour, with zoning restrictions identical to ours, was permitted to build a new
3-storey "over code" home just down the street.

We are hopeful that, with your support, we are allowed to continue the construction of our
new energy-conserving home and photo studio.

If all goes well, the attendance of you and yours at our "grand opening celebration" in the near future would be warmly welcomed. We'll keep you posted.


The very busy fall portrait season is upon us once again. Please note that we are accepting family portrait bookings between Christmas Day and New Year's Day this year.

Due to repeated requests for the restoration of family heirloom photographs from old negatives
and prints, we have added new scanning equipment and software. This allows us to:

1. Scan heritage prints, negatives and transparencies in ultra-high resolution
2. Produce photographic restorations of remarkable high quality

Whatever the occasion or event, Rose and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

All the best,
Rose and Con Boland, MPA

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