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Dearest friends,

Another year has gone by; spring is in the air and a lot is happening. Here are some of the news items:

Our piece of paradise, our home, studio and garden are up for sale or lease!

It is time for a change in lifestyle. I want to play more with my new photography toys, finish writing my book, play and compose music, spend time with friends, travel and work more for charities.

The question is: will someone keep this beautiful garden alive in the coming years? Will they bulldoze the oldest oak tree in the city along with all the flowers and then build condominiums? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we will be hiring part-time gardeners for May.

Grand Opening 2008

It is high time that we start taking care of OUR planet. For this reason, I have been working on a Green Dream Home for several years. It is very exciting to see it coming to fruition with the help of a team of very talented people. If you are interested and want to know more, there is an online album updated every two weeks. Click on and the link Grand Opening 2008.

New HomeBriefly, it is an all-concrete and steel ICF structure, a solar and geothermally heated and cooled marvel of technology. It has invisible solar panels built into the walls and roofline.
It is also the first test site for this technology. It will be a smart home and business and among one of the "greenest" in the country. There will be no combustion in the building,
allowing for exceptional air quality; even a natural gas line will be absent.

The new studio is an 80-foot long state-of-the-art dream space with 11-foot ceilings, a dressing room, theatre, wet bar, frame-shop, printing and digital retouching area. I had
it ergonomically designed for efficiency and convenience.

We will let you know of the completion date. Then, as always, it will be time to party!

Photographic Technology

A new super high-resolution camera system has arrived. This, along with faster computers, upgraded photography software and a 10-color printer, has given us resolution and print quality only dreamt of until now. Life is fabulous!

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