January 2008

Welcome to the New Year!
This issue has four news items:

  1. A wonderful music and dance performance by “Movements”
  2. New photographic printing technology
  3. Prices and inflation
  4. A new home?

“Movements” performance
East meets West

Saturday February 24, 2008, 8 PM at the Citadel's Maclab Theatre. Tickets are only $25.
To book your seats call 780.415.5211.

It will be a terrific show full of music, dance, color, passion and culture. Movements is one of my favorite dance groups and is a great asset to Edmonton. You may have met some of the dancers at one of our garden performances.

Exciting new “European Master” Giclée technology
at Con Boland Photography Inc.

Our new, enhanced method of producing portraits far surpasses any traditional photo printing techniques. Our new wide body, 8-color Giclée printer achieves an incredible range of exquisite color and detail — from the subtleties of a fine watercolor to the depth of an oil painting. Because we use real pigment-based paints on fine artist canvas, all our portraits are now paintings that will last for generations.

It is a fact that all photographically produced prints fade over time. If you have a portrait that you would like to pass on to future generations you may consider having it reproduced as a Fine Art Giclée. Until April 30 of 2008 we are offering replacement portraits at a 40% discount.

In any case, we invite you to come and see our new Fine Art Giclée canvas portraits. Come for coffee or tea to see the new screen technology in our studio as well.

Prices and inflation

Last week, a client asked me for an additional copy of her portrait taken 15 years ago. She asked me if I could tell her the price she paid in 1992. I found her old file and noticed that the price was the same as it is today. If you account for 15 years of inflation, our work is now more affordable than ever.

New home

We have been working on the design of a new building with the architects at Euro Design. The design is for a new home to be built on the south-facing corner directly across from our present location. I have owned this property for 17 years and I planned to sell it with a new building. The $1.6 million, 3,200 square foot building with a 2,000 square foot basement is turning out so wonderfully that we are tempted to move our home and studio into this new space. We would lose the garden but gain a brand new building designed with the latest technology. What should we do — stay or move?

We’ll send you any news on this summer’s upcoming garden parties. Watch for a fundraising garden celebration for The Boys and Girls Club of Edmonton. See you then!

Con Boland MPA

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