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Welcome to 2012 Highlights

  • New, cutting-edge, HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology arrives (see the story below).
  • I am a founding member of the APCC (Alberta Photon Camera Club) and the following interview was for the first-ever Alberta International Photo Competition, held in Edmonton, Alberta on Sept. 5, 2011. It was a great success, with the Competition receiving over 4,000 submissions from 50 countries. View City TV interview with Ryan Jespersen »
  • I am working on my second music CD and, because of the miracles of the internet, my first CD is still getting sales, mostly in Korea and Japan.
  • The robust economy in Alberta means that we saw a number of record-breaking months for family portraits.
  • In the garden, we added a beautiful water feature with plants and fish. More redesign is planned to improve the space for special events, corporate functions and weddings. We also have 200 beautiful white resin chairs with padded seats for rent for such functions.

Every once in a while, something magical and unexpected happens and this year, it did, once again.

In my late teens, I remember the exciting introduction of ‘colour’ photography. Much later, game-changing digital photography arrived. Early on, digital was a poor version of film and as a professional photographer I hoped that one day it would be as good as film. Recently digital photography surpassed what even the finest film cameras could do in the past.

This year, another breakthrough was reached with the advent of HDR (High Dynamic Range) pigmented paint to canvas printing technology. I was so excited that I immediately invested in a magical, 500 pound, 11-colour machine that is now up and running spectacularly.

In the right hands, it produces an unbelievable, stunning colour gamut with rich, deep colours and exquisite detail. Never before did my portraits and landscapes look so rich in colour and have so much depth. An added benefit is that with this technology we are producing portraits that no longer fade in a rather short time (10 to 30 years maximum). HDR pigment-based images on museum grade canvas and fine art papers are truly archival (lasting 200 years and over). I invite you to come and visit and see for yourself.

Welcome to an exciting 2012!

Con and Rose Boland
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