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Dear friends,

Best wishes for a happy and fulfilling New Year! Rose and I look forward to serving you again in 2010.

You have received this communication because you are a valued customer, dear friend, or personal contact interested in the future of our precious planet. As such, you are invited to join us in a brief exploration of some rather important issues. The beginning of each New Year is a time for reflection and hope. While I wish for love, peace and shared prosperity in our world, I am concerned that achieving this ideal is becoming ever less likely.

Do you believe...

  1. That the health of our planet is being compromised in the name of profit?
  2. That we, as taxpayers and law-abiding citizens, deserve to know what is truly happening around us?
  3. That our news media cater, not to truth, but to powerful corporate interests?
  4. That functional democracy is being purposefully undermined while you and I are being entertained into apathy?
  5. That the future of hard working Canadians is being threatened by the ever-growing gap between rich and poor?
  6. That we, as intelligent, motivated individuals, can make a difference?

Controlled Mass Media FOX-MSN-NBC-CNN

As most of you know, I have recently been exposed to the confusing inconsistencies of our civil bureaucracy. Two years ago, Edmonton City Hall issued a “stop work” order preventing the completion of my new home designed as one of Edmonton’s most eco-friendly private residences. The ensuing bureaucratic entanglements have proven costly, frustrating, and overwhelmingly unfair. In spite of this, we still plan to open our expanded facilities.

What struck me, through all this, was how many others are waging battles similar to mine. I have received dozens of comments from people increasingly concerned about the state of social justice and democratic principles. Sadly, many are reluctant to speak out for fear of reprisals.

In the months to come, I will begin correlating documents intended for my second book; this one entitled Count Me In. While its message is one of hope, the context will include many remarkable and often unsettling experiences and observations.

The following issues are just a few of those that have captured my attention and possibly yours:

  1. What tangible benefits are the horrendous deaths of our young soldiers in Afghanistan creating for Canadians?
  2. Why do politicians happily spend billions waging war, but complain about the cost of public health care and education?
  3. Why were North Americans frightened into spending billions on Swine Flu vaccine when,
    as soon as the big drug companies were paid, the media hype magically disappeared?
    Here is some information on the Swine Flu of 1976 by a young Dan Rather:
  4. Why is Stephen Harper restricting our choice of Natural Health Products, safely used for centuries, in favour of expensive pharmaceutical drugs?
  5. What happened to the $1 trillion taxpayers were forced to give the wealthy banking industry last year?
  6. Is our world being selfishly manipulated into eternal debt, conflict and servitude?

Below is a link to a fascinating video documentary that explains the almost inconceivable fraud known as the Federal Reserve System. What you will hear will change the way you see our world:

I see so much beauty in this precious, one-of-a-kind, limited edition planet we call Earth. Our species can go to the moon, invent miracle microchips and manipulate genetics. Can we not be
the backbone of our own shared liberty? I think so.

At the very least, I believe society would benefit tremendously with a little more time devoted to truly understanding the realities that surround us — whatever our political, professional, or spiritual convictions.

Thank you for reading this and for sharing your thoughts.

Once again, to you and yours, all the best for a safe and happy 2010.

Rose and Con Boland, MPA

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