Giclee Printer   Museum quality Giclée (pronounced zhe-clay)
and Piezo printing

Con Boland Photography has a 30+ year track record of award-winning fine art printing, image enhancement and photo restoration. We produce archival museum-quality Giclée prints on gallery grade canvas and 100% cotton and fine art papers. Our prints are as good as the originals and with our enhancement restoration skills, often better – your final print is one of uncompromised quality.

With the 11-colour HDR (High Dynamic Range) printing technology, we continue to use cutting-edge technology, giving you the widest colour gamut and exquisite detail for your paintings, water colours and photographic images. We all know that the best technology truly shines in the hands of master printers.

Rose Boland, who works side-by-side with Mr. Boland, is a two-time recipient of the International Adobe Photoshop Guru Award for image enhancement, photo restoration and retouching, placing her in the top three in the world.

Your files and originals
We produce high quality reproductions from original artworks and photographic images. We do in-house camera scans of paintings and flatbed scans for photographs, negatives and transparencies. We can also work directly from your digital files.


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